My final project is a silver lining after lots of dark clouds

The concept of my final project was Dark Clouds and Silver Linings. I wanted to show poetry that expressed pain and then some that expressed how pain often leads to growth. I chose  to use the dos a do binding style because I liked the idea of presenting two opposing perspectives in one package. My initial idea was to create two full signatures of poetry for both sides but when I finished my mock up I realized that I had not gone out of the book box and I needed to be a bit more creative.

Being a die hard once I get started with something I kept with the idea of the dos a dos and the dark clouds and silver linings but I changed the construction of the book so that the middle section was more than a hinge. I made it into a cloud and I bound the sides of the dos a dos into the center of the cloud. It was a bit challenging because I had to figure out how stay true to the binding method and be sure that it all worked but to create the sense of a cloud with the construction.

I couldn’t use paper because the cloud was to curvy so I spray painted the book board after sanding it down to be smooth. I painted the dark clouds side black and I used silver glitter paint for the silver linings side.

I used embossing powder to write the names of each side onto the covers because I wanted to keep the silver and glittery feeling in every part of the cover.

I used plain white paper of a heavier thickness than regular copy paper because I wanted to keep with the black and white theme and I didn’t want the pages to be too bulky. I used calibri font because it gave the poem a clean look on the page. 

The poem I wrote for the Dark Clouds section was called Shock. I carved an image of a cloud with lightening and printed the image into the poem. I used a pamphlet style sewing method for the Dark Clouds section but when you flip to the Silver Lining section you will see that I went in a completely different direction. I used the turkish fold for that side because I wanted to give the feeling of opening up like a sun rise. I even highlighted the lines of the fold to look a bit like a sun.

The sun is the only color that is in the book because color comes into a thing only when we can see the positive side of it.

If I were to do this book again what I would change is that I would have figured out a way to make the sun beam out of the fold like a pop up burst of light. 

I wrote both of the poems for this book and I would probably like to add more poems to accentuate the themes.



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