Joe’s Final Project

The concept of my book was to connect Joan of Arc with poetry. 

Creatively, this challenges me to use color and images.

This project was difficult to make. I made everything by hand with the exception of the images. I worked with spray paint in windy conditions and worked with a large project in some small areas. I succeeded in making a book that is unique and visually worthwhile although if conditions had been more suitable, I would have been able to redo the colored writing on the blocks with darker shades of blue and purple.

I tried to take advantage of the opportunity to work on a large space. I approached it sort of like Jackson Pollock in that I worked on the floor and visualized and made decisions with the project on the floor.

The book is linked to the content using images from Carl Th. Dreyer’s film The Passion of Joan of Arc.

I wanted as much as possible to be handmade so it would feel more authentic and more genuine as a written work with handwritten text than it would otherwise.

I chose the title “in delirium” because delirium is a state of inspiration.

If I were to make this project over again, I would watch the weather more closely to find out when it would be best to paint outside.  


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