Bike Life Final

Very happy to say that my final project “Bike Life” was a huge success. The story was published in the process of me constructing my book and all three of my copies are already sold.

Bike Life is a coming of age short about me purchasing my first dirt bike while discovering my mothers new drug addiction in the process. The concept is based around the look of the bike. I set out for the book to be as original as the essay I wrote. The challenge lied in creating a dirt bike feel while still ending up with clean and presentable project.

The CR 80 I purchased in the story is fire red like the book cloth I chose to cover the book and the post and art paper are both chrome like the accessories that decorated my bike– the end result produced three books that directly matched the content of my book. I also created a pick-up truck for my display that looks similar to the truck my uncle used to haul my bikes on.

I’d rate my book a 10 out of 10 in the area of craftsmanship. The posts are sturdy, the book cloth is extremely durable and I used extra glue in an effort to create a permanent seal. Post bound books are solid investments and can be read, re-read and passed on with little to no signs of use (Unless you are trying to break it).

I did not stretch the book form I used. Purposely– I wanted to remain conservative because I love my concept and story and I knew I was going to be responsible for three identical projects so I didn’t want to stray too far away from my goal. I also enjoy the classic minimalist look I was able to create.

I chose Baskerville as the font because it added a classy look to gritty story. Advice from my instructor and classmates led me to seeing post-bound books as photo albums so I added real photos from that era in my life creating a higher level of authenticity and further allowing the readers to connect with me.

The name “Bike Life” came from my preteen/teenage obsession with dirt bikes. We drank, ate and slept dirt bikes riding them from sun up to sun down – not knowing that we were at the forefront of the subculture that’s now sweeping America.

I’m really happy with the end result; however, if I made them again, I’d play with the form to be even more creative. I’d try to create the shape of a bike or even incorporate some non-book material like rubber or metal. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing, I love my books and I can’t wait to get them to their new owners.

Cost of Supplies

Book Cloth




Copy Paper




Book Board




I spent about $77 on on the materials I needed to produce the three books, not valuing the story would bring their worth to about $25 a piece. If this was my real business I would price them at $45 and they would be special order only. I sold the books created in my final for  $15 because the people who wanted them were fans of my work and wanted to own something I created. photo-6


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