Final Mockup

The biggest problem I faced when doing my second mockup was how to push it forward. I liked my original idea of cutting the book cloth into the shape of a baseball and using that to bind the book. I also thought that the baseball against the red satin cover turned out well. However, the book was still a bit simple and boring. So my first task was just thinking of something to do to the book that would improve the book without adding stuff for the sake of adding stuff.

The story is actually two different scenes being narrated by one person. Because of this, I thought the book would be better suited for a dos a dos book instead of the traditionally bound book I originally made. The two scenes of the story were intertwined throughout the piece, but for the dos a dos I split the two scenes completely and put them in the separate books. I made everything on the outside of the book the same as the original except doubled it.

I think the dos a dos gives the book a little more depth than the original, and gives the reader a more unique experience. Now I am working to better format the text for the final. I want the layout to be as smooth and elegant as the outside and to do that using InDesign is not something i’m confident in.


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