Second Mock-up Update

The best news is I’ve finally finished the essay to my liking. It’s been interesting figuring out the story while I figure out the book form. Maybe not a practice I’ll engage in in the future, but interesting and valuable nonetheless.

I’ve made significant process on my second mock-up as far as “rethinking” all these ideas that were bouncing around in my head. I’ve figured out the logistics of the pages and made the seams of the accordion fold as unnoticeable as they possibly could be, so that’s nice. Because my essay is about a box and eventually destroying that box, I’ve decided to use a bit of hand sewing throughout the piece as a subtle visual element. Plus, I wasn’t really feeling the time crunch, so now, with all the added stitching, I’m sure to be in panic mode by Saturday.

I’ve also been able to use the wooden panel to create a “book cover” in the interior which is reminiscent of the early idea I had without the whole making boxes part. I’m excited about the way the reader will experience the box.

I haven’t figured out the display yet but I think I’m going to use the other cigar boxes that didn’t make the cut for the project. I think I can use them to add layers to the overall layout, and highlight the ones that are actually books. And I’ll need to make them appealing, because the price is increasing with each hand-this-takes-a-really-long-time element.

I think overall, everything is turning out really nicely and I’m excited to see the final project.


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