Which is a building, which is on fire.

All things considered, I’m pretty happy with my second mock up. My biggest issue since my first mock up was that my means for printing on blueprint paper, so that the book would look exactly like a blueprint, fell through. I spent the majority of the past two weeks trying to figure out how to get a blueprint made. I found a couple solutions, but the timing just wasn’t there to get the paper in on time to have it for this second mock up. 

 With the blueprint paper idea officially squashed, I moved into a back up plan of how to best imitate a blueprint look with more conventional printing. I already had the layout complete from my first mock up, so I did my best to try and convert that into something resembling a blueprint. The results were okay, and probably actually better than I’m allowing myself to believe. I have an issue in my creativity where if I know exactly how I want something to be, I’m not happy with anything else. It’s why I usually operate without a plan most of the time.

 So, I had the layout, but I was still trying to figure out a way to print at a reasonable price. My solution was to use the design lab’s printers, and go with tabloid sized paper at $2 a print, making the cost of printing each book $4. That seamed reasonable enough, but it also forced me to scale my entire layout (house, rooms, and pages) down so that I could use a tabloid sized paper to cover it. This resulted in a lot more redesigning than I had anticipated. All’s well that end’s well, though, as I tweaked my designs, cut out my material and assembled it all on Sunday.

 The biggest success of this second mock up was realizing that (now that all the designs are in place) the actual construction of my books should be quick and easy. I purposefully designed my book to cut down on measuring. All of the guidelines for how big each piece should be are directly on my book, and for the most part, hidden. I’m very pleased with myself for having the foresight to do this, as this will be a busy week for me even without the construction of three books.

 I would describe my second mock up as the polished version of my first, only at a slightly smaller scale. I’m glad it sill looks like my fist mock up in spirit though.


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