Second Progress Report

My second mock-up is only halfway successful. The materials will stay the same and I’ve figured out the cover. I have a hand-drawn man’s profile in the bottom left corner that I’ll just keep transferring from the same image on tracing paper. So they’ll all be the same. The poor man’s stamp, I guess. The interior has been giving me some trouble, but at this point it’s pretty close to what I want.

InDesign, as predicted, was a bastard. After meeting with you, Meredith, during open studio hours, I went home and searched YouTube more. The link that’s on the class site did have a solution buried in there. Two actually. But it seems like the more permanent solution doesn’t work with CS6. So I had to opt for the second fix–changing the default dimensions in Acrobat Pro (recently added to the Creative Suite Cloud so I actually own it now) so that when I import the .ps file to convert it to .pdf it automatically arranges it as a landscape on letter-sized paper, instead of portrait.

I guess because it took me so long to figure that out, I was in a rush to finally cut my pages to size and collate them that I ended up cutting a couple incorrectly. The text doesn’t align the way I want it to. This is important because the reader needs to be able to read lines on two pages at once through cutouts (It’s probably easier to show this then to describe it in writing). I’m assuming it was just a trimming problem. But you might look at it and be able to see that it’s actually something more involved. Fingers crossed!

The last part of this project that I have to figure out is the display. Honestly, I haven’t even thought about this yet. The short story has been pared down to three short essays/poems so I have a lot less content to choose from. This is definitely one of the things I want to talk about in the 10-minute meeting. Besides the display, the only other element I’m concerned with is the alignment of the interior. These are the two things that will most likely give me the most trouble while I’m making my final drafts.


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