2nd Mock-Up and Update


I am really pleased with my second mock-up. The design elements are coming together nicely. I knew going into this draft, I wanted to include a turkish map in the middle of the story. When you turn the page, the turkish map opens because it’s glued down on both sides. Then I decided to have a mini turkish map on the other side of the Dos a Dos, which operates a little differently. It’s only glued down on one side, so the reader has to open it herself. I also had the idea to throw in another note from one character to another. This is not a book form, but a note folded up like my friends and I used to pass during class in middle school. Right now it’s pasted on a page with nothing written inside. In the final, I may want to attach this in a way that the reader can take it out of the book, unfold it, and read the secret message. Although, I kind of like the idea that the reader can’t get to this potential text. It is a note between sisters that the text never fully explains what’s inside. It might be fun to write something in there, just a little something extra for readers willing to figure out how to unfold the note.

The story is written in a way that you should read them in order. I had to figure out how to indicate which side of the Dos a Dos. I didn’t want to have a big ole “Start this side!” or “Wrong side, flip over!” on either cover. If the stories were written in a girl’s journal, I totally would have, but that didn’t fit with my content. What I ended up doing was sewing a big white rose made of fabric (from Michaels) to the front cover. The main character’s boyfriend brings her a bouquet of white roses. Then I sewed a button/bead to the back cover, which I then wrapped a piece of string around to act as a clasp for the second story. I figured if that side was harder to get into, readers would be drawn to the side that’s already open, the front. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the button bead thing. If I do, I’ll have to find a way to make it sturdier. If not, I’ll use ribbon to tie the second story shut.

Another design element (I’m really proud of this one) is the purple finger prints on the front and back. The day before this story takes place, the main character’s boyfriend grabs her by the arms and shakes her. The day of the story, she has bruises on her arms. I channeled my inner three year old and put my fingers in paint. Then I gripped the book like I was angry (I didn’t shake it) and really pressed my fingers into the covers. I’m very proud of this idea, but I think I have to work on the execution. I don’t like where the finger prints are placed on the book. And they have to be bigger, more threatening, and look more like bruises. Maybe a different shade of purple.

Slight setback: Michael’s only had a couple pages of the reflective paper. But I found this awesome reflective paper with roses on it that fit in with the rose imagery in the story. I have plenty of that paper and I think I like it even better. But now do I have too many roses?

I’m not crazy about the text on my cover. I just wrote the title in Sharpie (bleh). Maybe I should use girly bubble letters? Bridgette, the main character, writes with bubble letters when she doodles in class. Or something classier? I don’t know.

All in all, I love my second mock-up. It’s not perfect, but it’s come a long way just from the first mock-up.


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