I ran into a few construction issues while making my new mock-up.  I originally purchased doll house flooring for the linoleum floor of the bathroom, but it didn’t bend well and was hard to glue down, not to mention it costs $10 a sheet.  I’ve abandoned that idea and now I just have some paper that looks close enough to tile/linoleum and is also a darker color, which works well since this bathroom is supposed to look old and decrepit.  I also planned on using three pieces of book board and assembling them together for the stall walls; now, however, I think I might try to cut one big piece and then score places just enough for the board to bend – I have no idea if that will actually work or if the whole thing will fall apart, but I’m going to give it a try.  After talking with Meredith, I also think it will be good to add a small, more traditional book with the story in it so that people can read the story without the distraction of the other graffiti and without having to work so hard to connect the lines.  I think I might affix this to the back of the door if I can make it work/have enough time, but if not I may just add something to the bottom that explains everything.  Overall, I think I have a lot more work to do to come up with the product that I’m envisioning, but hopefully everything will come together soon!


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