so artist and craftsman sells rocks….


Really. I made the “straight jacket” container…or well, a mock up of one. I constructed it out of chipboard and some blue-grey book cloth. And, i am very glad i did; turns out i have to cut down on the “sleeve” proportions a little to accommodate for the additional book cloth width. I also need to make the belly band a little taller to accomodate keeping all the sections of the book case down.

I also discovered that pva glue with vellum is not a good combo. So i had to go buy some permanent studio tac, which i think i will use the crap out of, because i apparently really, really don’t like using glue.

Oh, and instead of using book cloth and chipboards for the final three, i found some lightweight canvas that will/should work (i hope) to lend to more of an authentic straight jacket feel and binder board to give it some more heft, especially since i’m using canvas instead of book cloth.

I still have to write out the copyright/colophon and author’s bio and figure out which “sleeve” to put them on, but that feels like a last-minute I MEAN LAST STEP kind of thing.

I had planned to making more than three of the books, but due to some printing and cutting troubles last night, i am, at least for this run, only going to make three. Though, because of the printer trouble, i now have a neat little cloudscape square that i can do something with, so it’s wasn’t a total loss.

So far, everything has been progression about how i expected. I had some engineering puzzles in figuring out the case for the accordion fold, but like Link in one of the later Zelda games, after dying a couple of times and rage quitting twice, i figured out the way that feels the most authentic to the book experience.

I might end up pasting the accordion fold into the case, but i don’t know yet. I enjoy that they’re two separate pieces, but i also enjoy the fact that the orientation, if i did paste the fold in, would be all askew, which speaks to some of the themes of the poem/design.
I dunno.

I think i’ll have to finishing making them first before a decision comes to me.


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