Progress II, Final

After making my second mock-up, I feel good about how the final product will turn out. The text still needs to be finished and edited, and some of the fonts and sizes will be changed to make the text easier to read at a small scale. Aside from that bit of In Design work though, I don’t foresee too many necessary changes between now and next week.

The tub spout itself has evolved a bit since the mockup. I used a thicker cardboard to make it feel sturdier and added a back end to the spout itself (not the circle part on the end) so that it wouldn’t be in danger of being crushed when handled. I took the silver duck tape suggestion to make the spout look legit, and it turned out pretty well. I tried to use as few pieces of tape as I could to hide the edges, which worked, but I might be able to do it even better on the next three books. The tape works well because in addition to adding the right color, it also serves to keep the spout together. I figured out a way to make the spout using only two pieces of cardboard, so even though it isn’t as necessary as it was on the first mockup, the added stability of the tape is still nice.

The stopper for the tub spout gave me some trouble, as I had difficulty tracking down the right piece of metal for the job. The piece from my first mockup is actually from a socket set and would not be easy to find 3 more of. I considered buying real replacement stoppers to use, but their silver finish would clash with that of the tape. That led me to thinking that I could cover the real ones in the duck tape to achieve the right coloring and the right shape. BUT if I’m just going to cover them up, why spend the money on the real thing? (Good point, me.) Instead, I broke a pencil in half, laid a washer on top of it to add that flat, slightly rounded shape of real stoppers, and covered the whole thing in tape. I like this solution, because it’s cheap, resourceful, and matches the rest of the spout really well. You can even pull it up and down like a real stopper. (What fun!)

The toe remains largely the same for this second mock up. I’m holding off on baking my clay because I only have so much, and I don’t want to commit to one set look until I’ve explored a few more options. It looks like a fairly convincing toe though, and it holds together well and fits snugly in the tub spout. I’m still going with small nails as a way to attach the paper to the toe, but after baking the clay, glue might be a more feasible option.

The text block is also coming together well. I spent a good bit of time realigning it all so as to be read vertically, which I think was the right choice. I also used the paper I intend for the final this time, and I dig it. The blue is a nice color (and appropriate), and the thickness of the paper makes the book feel sturdier and less liable to tear from either end. I did notice that the text is a little hard to read on the paper (it might be a shade darker than I’d like), but toying around with other fonts and slightly larger sizes should solve the problem. I might also try printing in a lighter ink (white maybe).

So yeah, I need to finish editing and setting the text and square away how I want to attach the paper to the toe. Otherwise, no surprise hang ups or concerns so far.


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