Onion Skin Final Progress Report

So I finally wrote my second poem, and it’s suuuuper weird. I don’t really know where in my subconscious this poem was living…

But the form itself is coming along nicely. I’m happy with the coil stitch, and have figured out that if I want it to look best, to braid the stitches together AFTER i sew it the first time (because as we know, you sew a long stitch book twice). I’ve also learned how to get the look of onions that I wanted, and I hope that my printer will continue to cooperate. I decided to use heavier weight paper, and the printer in the school i was using spit ink all over it because it is textured, so I’m going to try my parent’s laser printer. We’ll see how it goes, I might just cry.


Or switch to an untextured heavy weight paper.


Apart from the printer woes, everything seems to be going along as planned. Knock wood.


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