Caught Cheatin’ Final Progress Report

Final Project Final Progress Report (4-25-13)
Dustin Fisher

This project turned out to be much more of an undertaking than I thought it would be, as evident that I haven’t slept more than 4 hours any day this week and that includes the naps Mabel lets me take with her during the day. This is due partly to the large amount of time I have spent on the project once Mabel goes to sleep, but also on the stress-induced insomnia that seems to pop up around stage performances and other major projects. Also, I have a baby and she likes to wake up and play around 1-2am every night. Seriously, when I hear the baby cry and set down my things for the night and finally get her to sleep again, all I do is lie awake in bed with cards floating through my brain. I’m looking very much forward to the day when I’m done this project and can resume not sleeping because of basketball playoffs and other things. I’m so very jealous of the people that can just whip up their mockup in one night. I hate them.

I’m so glad there was a second more serious mockup because if I had to make three of these things on the timetable I would have given myself, it would not get done. That said, I know I need to start work on these three things tonight. One failure of mine for this project was to have never adjusted my original timeline to account for the addition of the case element. When I finally sat down on Tuesday night and wrote out how much still needed to be done, I worried it wouldn’t all get done. As I type this, the case is pretty well completed, but the bulk of this project hinges on the assumption that I can successfully glue these stories onto the front of these playing cards. I need to wait for my daughter to wake from her nap so I can go to Staples and get them printed and them cut and glue them by hand during her second nap. I don’t plan on doing all the cards for the mockup because this is my deck I can play around with in case I need to switch up the weight of the cards, etc.

I figured out a fun way (suggestion from my wife) to create a handle. I bored two holes into the binder board and managed to shove a rope through there. I’m very happy with the handle. Also, I used Velcro to keep the case closed. I didn’t feel like the magnets would be strong enough considering the weight of the poker chips would be pushing at it while in the carrying position. I don’t think it’s drop-proof and I don’t plan on finding out, but I don’t even really know if all the book cloth and binder board and glue is drop-proof either. The entire thing could break apart, so what the heck is the point of having a drop-proof seal?

There are a few things I still need to do for the final that I did not do for this mockup. 1) I need to find out how the text sits on the card and possibly adjust the artwork to up to 54 cards to account for the card identifier on the side (9 diamond). This could be a huge undertaking, as I’ve already underestimated how long other things would take to complete. Also, I don’t know what the opacity of the paper will be, so I may need to adjust the paper I’m using and I’m running out of time to experiment. 2) I want to have the artwork on the cover of the case inset into chip board. I know how I’m going to accomplish it and it isn’t difficult, just another step. 3) I will need to make the individual chip-holding elements inside the case bigger. I wanted to allow for easier access to the chips, but they seem to be more unstable than I’d like. 4) I also want to make a card-holding element inside the case that will hold the deck of cards at an angle. I may not get to this. Also, I want to have another small item in the case with the name on it. I may not get to that either. 5) I need to adjust the measurements on the case to account for the thickness of the binder board. That will be easy.

All in all, this project has been fun but exhausting. I spent the entire weekend finishing the text, which is 5,610 words long and weaved in an intricate flowchart of 52 different cards. I came into this class as a skeptic, insisting I wouldn’t sacrifice content for form. And I didn’t. I did what I wanted to do and made a book I’m proud of outside the parameters of it being a class assignment. And it’s sure different than anything I’d have thought of to do had it not been for the outside-the-book thinking this class promoted. I just hope I’m able to get it done on time. 🙂


(This is the document I used to write my book. Annoying, isn’t it?)

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