2nd mock-up report

I discovered that unless you can cross your heart and hope to die and prove it with a sealed package of paper that is marked “acid free” they won’t print on your paper at the lab, and I am in love with the gorgeous Acqueforti Italian paper I have been using, so that was that. So, after much juggling and holding pages up to the light to check alignment, I have pretty much figured out how to compensate for the fact that my printer doesn’t print quite true center. The copyright page is still a bit off in my 2nd mock up and I’ll make that adjustment for the final, but otherwise I think the printing is okay now – not 100% perfect, but close.

I enjoyed playing around with typefaces and fonts to illustrate the journey and history of books and printing (Egyptian slab serif for the segment on papyrus, Charlemagne for the Roman innovation, Blackletter for the manuscript, etc.) I also imported some hieroglyphics as a decorative element. I have completed the mini pamphlet book and match book and affixed those with StudioTac (thanks for that sanity-saving suggestion, Meredith!) The other decorative elements are in too: the frontispiece, the illuminated “B” and tabs for the center foldouts. For the tabs, I used some red ribbon I had and, after a few false starts, figured out how to attach them to the pages with eyelets.

As planned, I have done away with the over-busy embellishment on the front cover, and I re-used that little book illustration for the illuminated “B” instead (recycling is the order of the day!) Another adjustment I want to make for the final versions of the book is how I trim the pages. I’ve been tearing them along the edge of a metal ruler but having watched Meredith crease the paper with a bone folder and then just tear it, I will do that too, because the deckle edging makes the pages a bit difficult to turn as they are now.

I made a point of pulling the thread even more tightly when I was sewing the two signatures this time but they are still gaping a bit at the center. I need some expert advice about that. Another little problem is that that the black book cloth bleeds through the artist’s paper on the cover. I’ve worked out that this happens if I press the book when the glue is still wet so I must work on getting the timing of that right.

All in all, I have been able to troubleshoot most of problems for this second mock-up, and I think I’m set for the last lap.


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