2nd Mock Up – Progress Report

My first Mock Up was a Dos A Dos Turkish fold book with a moon illustration on the front and back covers. The book was inside of a jam jar, which had the copyright info, colophon, etc, in the lid. I was actually very happy with my 1st Mock Up, but I wanted to try taking my book a step further, matching form to content, and attempt to make a round book.

My 2nd Mock Up, a round (moon) book, did not turn out as well as the 1st. Using the cutting tool Meredith provided, I was able to cut out 2” circles of cardboard for my covers. I cut out my round page spreads by hand, and put them together with a drum leaf binding. However, the final product did not have the “production value” that the Dos A Dos book did. My pages are far from clean, no matter how carefully I tried to trim along the page outline. As a result, the pages do not line up and there are spotty black edges throughout. I also was not able to cover the boards (with paper or book cloth) in a clean, finished way, despite several attempts with different materials. My circles ended up looking multi-sided. I also struggled with creating spine gaps. My text blocks are so small that the covers can not really open all the way – so I suppose my cover boards are too thick? I am sure, with more time, practice, and some alternate materials, it would be possible to execute this form successfully. However, having limited time in the next 8 days to produce my final three books, I do not think this is the right approach.

I now have 2 completely different ideas about what direction I should go in:

IDEA 1: Rather than making another attempt at a round book, I start creating a new version of my Dos A Dos book. This one would be covered in white/cream colored book cloth with a black illustration of the moon on the covers. In the copyright and colophon sections of the book I will add decorative end pages that are the inverse of the cover illustration (white on black paper). The poems will be Turkish folds with star/nighttime-themed illustrations to the margins. An alternative to illustrated margins might be using colored paper for the poems, which would be surprising in an otherwise monochromatic book.

IDEA 2: Take a risk and make something completely new! Using an eyelet(?) to hold my pages together, I could create a series of circles that have to opened into a fan to be read. The front and back of the book (when closed) would have a moon graphic/illustration on them. One side of the book (when open) would have the copyright and colophon info, while the other side would have the poems. I suppose I would make it so that the pages circled clockwise. My text block would be cream colored card stock, and I would use Studio tack to attach my text, graphics, and decorative elements as needed. Ideally I would print my pages double sided, and cut them out using Meredith’s circle cutting tool. The book would then be tucked into the jam jar. I think my idea would work logistically, so long as I got the gauge of the eyelet right (Meredith?).

If I go with Idea #2, I am not sure that it would fulfill the requirements of the assignment, but I think it would ultimately be a more interesting and fulfilling match for my content. Obstacle: I do not own the tools needed to use eyelets. I am not sure how much $$$ it would cost to use this material/binding method.

So this is where I am. Looking forward to discussion on Thursday!


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