1st project

I’m okay so far with how my window project is turning out.  I cut out two pieces of davey board verses chipboard because i felt that it would stand up stronger.  Now, “standing” seems to be the whole focus.  i’m wondering if I should add the handle that picture frames have on the back of them, to make it stand upright.  I wrapped two pieces of davey board (1/4 of a larger piece from the pack I bought) and lightly glued a piece of transparency paper in between.  Meredith’s ideas have beeeen soo helpful.  Thank you Meredith! 

I then measured out and deliberated between colored curtains.  The effect is for the narrator’s window in her trailer park.  At first I was going to take Meredith’s idea of spray painting the board.  However, I saw this artist’s paper that was a dusty orange and which reminded me of the place where the narrator lived.  I therefore wrapped the board, as we’ve done with the hard-covers, and then glued it to an identical one.  I lightly superglued the edges of cream colored curtains and tied them with a light blue bow. 

For the rest of the project, I need to cut an excerpt from the story that will work with my weight issue.  I would like to wrap the story into a scroll and inbetween a light clear plastic piece that will serve as the window shade.  I then wish to tie this with a piece of string , so that this piece acts as the window shade.  Eeeee !  Bye for now!


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