first run-through of mock up

I am really looking forward to getting your feedback on my
project…about to post the following to our class blog:

I wound up going with the second idea just because of logistics…I
learned from the last time that when I think up a project that needs a
lot of engineering, that it might take more time and come out looking
“less than”.  I therefore went with my second idea, which was to do
the window idea.  I liked this idea because in Mindbender, my story,
it invovles a girl who is looking out through a lot of different
windows, waiting for letters from her dad.  I therefore went ahead and
thought up what i needed:

1. plexiglass (fun to work with/window)
2. strips of something that looks like metal (for window rim)
3. thin material for curtains
4. postcards
5. and of course the story
6. thin clear shading (used as a paint drop cloth)

I have constructed the window and feel okay about it, though it was
really hard to construct.  I wound up buying sheet metal because I’ve
worked with it before.  HOwever this time was harder than the last.
The strips were sharp and I worry that the reader will feel that too .
 I therefore thought of spraying something, like you mentioned
Meredith, because this might prevent any accidents.  I also managed to
fold over the curtains over the strips which worked out okay.  I am
putting the story into the clear plastic shade and rolling it up like
a book scroll.  This has worked because shades are sometimes rolled
up, and so it made look fitting.  I also wanted to do what I did last
time.  I thought of making a vertical blind of sorts or an accordian
book , by folding without glueing or sewing, my story into the
curtains.  Don’t know how it will look and looking for feedback
concerning it.  I also got cute little colored postcards from which I
plan to place near the windows.  This could also be a possibility for
pasting my story onto it.  I thought of putting the pictures and
places in Oklahoma for which my narrator visited, then possibly
including parts of the story on the back.  I am looking forward to
what you think of it Meredith!  I really appreciated your ideas
yesterday, they helped.

I am also reconsidering working with a metal that will hold better on
the plexiglass.  The metal strips/sheet metal required too much glue
and I don’t want this to distract the reader.  I also want the project
to come out polished and I think perhaps by using ribbon or another
medium which looks like metal, may help to achieve this.  Let me know
what you think!!

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