Progress Report

The materials I’ve chosen this time around work well together, as opposed to my mismatched mid-term. So that’s a good start. The color scheme is a little different than I first proposed. Instead of gray, the artist paper I’ve chosen is white and translucent. It’s also delicate, causing problems with gluing, but I’m keeping it. Since the paper is partially see-through, I think I’m going to layer the cover design. I’m going to have as simple drawing (one I’ll probably draw on tracing paper and transfer to each copy) on a piece of white paper underneath the artist paper. That’s not on this mock-up, but will be on the next one. My original cover design hasn’t panned out. I’m not happy with the pull-tab trials, so I ditched it for the final edition of this mock-up. I might give it one more shot, but it’s unlikely to make it in as part of the final project.

The interior has changed only a little from my original idea. I’m using a lighter weight watercolor paper as the interior pages and tearing the pages to their final size instead of cutting them. This looks nice, but has made me drop my plan for a small flip book in the corner because the pages don’t turn smoothly enough to make it possible. I’m going to have to come up with something else to meet the image requirement. Or I’ll just have to cut the pages instead of tearing them—not something I really want to do. As predicted, my other snag is InDesign. I feel like such a noob trying to print this in booklet form. It will happen, just not this week. For now the text is glued onto the pages, but it will (I swear it will) eventually be printed on the watercolor pages. I also have to do one more edit of my story. However, this shouldn’t affect the form.


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