finding books

One of the things I love most about planning and executing a project is that your plans inevitably evolve as the materials become something else.


My plan is to create a book that addresses the state of books and furthermore, the state of life on earth as a human in society.


I’m making a small (3in x 5in) hardback accordion attached & closed in with a case. I’m using old book covers that I will transfer phrases onto with wintergreen oil. Inside, there will be a pocket on one of the pages that will have a magic book inside where the bulk of my text will be printed on loose leaf. I’m working with the text & playing with the way it splices when folded. The idea is that one will be able to read the complete (uh—stream-of-consciousness experimental) essay if they unfold the page.  


In making the mock up I came across some complications. One is that I want the pages to be more flip-able so I will have to sew them another way or I am considering connecting with book cloth like in the hardback dos-a-dos. I also realize that I should make the case first since it is hard to work with once the rest of the book is sewn together.


As for budget of this book, the whole thing will cost >$10 since I have all the materials I need I got the old book covers for free. 


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