My short story, “Buiki Gasa and Ignoble Coconut Pearls,” has been chopped into micro fiction for this assignment.  I am making a tree around the book.  The tree is made of 2′ high chicken wire (a roll was waiting in the backyard shed), light weight corrugated chocolate brown cardboard (ordered online), artist paper and decorative paper (from Utrechts), and paper mache textured balls (from Micheal’s) for the coconuts.  They look rather testicular, but are yet to be transformed.  So far, the palm tree is almost completely paper mache-ed, and I’ve edited the short story.  I will affix the micro fiction to the coconut balls or make them into accordion books, though I’m unsure about attaching/detaching them in that way.  Regardless, here’s a visual of the process of making the tree:


photo 2 photo 1-6


There’s still more to be done, but I’m satisfied with the project thus far.  The dimensions might be a bit daunting to replicate 3 identical times for the final draft, but it might work.


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