1st Mockup Progress Report

I’m viewing this first mockup as a test to make sure I can make the form I’ve chosen; the dos a dos hardback and still know how to navigate InDesign. I’m counting this as a win. Now, I just need to work on some design elements, such as: what color book cloth should I use? Do I want two different colors? And the more important question: How do I expand on this book form?

Best find: I was at Michael’s looking at scrapbook paper to maybe use as end pages. I was looking for paper with stars or a night sky and then paper with a sun rise or yellow paper with suns on them, because one story is what really happened on this particular day in Bridgette’s life, and the other is her dream that night. What I found is going to work out even better. There was reflective paper. This is a great find because the stories are mirror texts, both telling the same story in different ways. It was thick, so I was worried about how folding it would crease and crinkle the paper. But the more I thought about it, I like the crease. In one scene Bridgette is looking at herself in the mirror and sees a stranger. She doesn’t feel like the person she sees in the mirror. There is a distortion. In the mockup, I only used the reflective paper twice to see how it would fold. For the next mockup, I’m thinking of folding and crinkling the paper to really distort it for the end papers on the “dream” story, which is a distorted view of what really happened that day.

Problems: I didn’t really come across any major technical problems. I’m not crazy about the color book cloth I used for the mockup. I have to decide which color book cloth to use or if I want to use two different colors, one for each story. I want to match the tone that each story is giving off. I also need to change the title of the week. “One Day” is boring. It’s just a place holder right now. When I decide on the official title, that will help with the design elements in the front matter. Right now it’s very bland. I have to say, it looks pretty awesome to see my work in print in a hard back book.

I did not make the pictures for the inset picture on the covers. My original idea was to draw a family portrait. One with the parents and one without. Now, I’m thinking about just drawing one picture with Bridgette and Bonni, close together and smiling. And  the other with them not touching and not looking like they’re happy to be together. The point of these two stories is that Bridgette realizes how much she relies on her twin. In one story, Bridgette has just broken up with her boyfriend and is pretty miserable. She thinks she’s all alone, facing the breakup by herself, but really, Bonni’s there for her. In the other story, Bridgette’s dream, Bridgette has her boyfriend, and is surrounded by his and her friends, but she’s really lonely. She does not have the same relationship with her twin as in real life. They don’t get along; and in fact, Bonni won’t even talk to her. Basically, in these two stories, Bridgette comes to the realization that life without her twin would suck.

My biggest problem: How do I expand on this form? One idea is to adapt the Turkish map into this book form. J.D. gives Bridgette a folded up love letter. When she opens the letter from J.D. it would be cool to have it pop open. I will be brainstorming as I make the new mockup. I still have to finish the “dream” story, which will hopefully spark new ideas for imagery.

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