The Anti-Progress Report

Final Project Progress Report (4-11-13)
Dustin Fisher

What you feared would happen certainly did. You were concerned that the writing would dominate the project. I was convinced I would be able to find a pattern and churn out 52 cards in a matter of a few hours. Well, I spent a lot of my time and mental energy focused on creating the text and not enough on anything else regarding the project. But there’s also another reason for that.

My vision of the project didn’t have a whole lot of hand-made elements involved. I would order the playing cards with specialized art that I would create for the card backs, glue my story to front of the 52 cards and create some artwork to add to the box that would ship with the cards. Not a whole lot to it and I was worried that there wasn’t enough off a hand-made element in it to qualify for this class. This is why I wanted to run it by you before spring break.

Our misunderstanding has now been pretty well documented and I can appreciate that the project needs more of a hand-made element. You mentioned that there should maybe be three “special edition” books with something else to them. This, though I know we had mentioned it before in class like that, put things in a place in my head that was easier to get a vision about it. That’s when I came up with the idea to make a poker carrying case, complete with the book (deck of cards) and chips. I came up with the idea when Meredith emailed me and told me to do it. I haven’t had much creative clarity much of the week, so I am thankful for that suggestion.

I intend to get some binder board and make the three cases of out that, wrapped in book cloth with a couple cutouts for pictures on the case. The only thing still up in the air is how to fasten down the lid. The book cloth serves as a hinge, but I need to find a way to fasten it. I have a few ideas, but I’ll need to do some brainstorming and experimenting.

The first mockup is a mess. I managed to put together a case out of cardboard that isn’t cut properly and printed out the 20 cards I have text for and glued them to the front of 20 pieces of paper with the card back logo printed on it. My printer ran out of red ink, so that fell off after the first 5 pages or so. I would have liked to print the cards on playing card-quality card stock but I got the runaround from Bookmakers who sent me to Staples who told me to go to Michaels after I had allotted all the time I had to run around this week. I also figured this would be kind of a moot process anyway, as the real experiment will start when the real cards come in. I may have been better served to glue them to the fronts of another existing deck, but I ordered an uncommon size and I would rather see the artwork as it will appear than to worry about the texture of something that will change when I get all my supplies anyway. Besides, I have already done that and I know it works.

The cost for the Collector’s Edition will probably fall somewhere in the $40 neighborhood, as I’ll need to replenish the money I spend on poker chips. That will be pushing the boundaries of my cost, but I’d rather not price out potential buyers. I will know a lot more next week when I have a much more improved (hopefully) mockup.


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