Two posts in one!

It just dawned on me that I did not write my assigned post for last week – being sick really derailed me for a while.  So this post will be a combination of last week’s and this week’s assignments.  My apologies!

Originally, I decided to go in a traditional route.  I wanted to make a full-cloth book with spine board (slightly modified to be quarter-cloth as I started working on my mock-up).  The story I started with dealt with the idea of adventure and memories of childhood, so I had planned on making something that resembled a scrapbook or photo album of sorts.  I wanted the book to have larger dimensions to achieve this effect.  Additionally, I decided that it might be fun to incorporate pop-ups into the work.  Overall, I was going to need very basic supplies: book board, book cloth, artist paper, and paper for my signatures. I planned to start with creating the books themselves, then hand-writing the story and adding the art and pop-ups afterwards.  As usual, most of my work would take place over the weekends, so my production schedule would essentially be to split up the crafting of the book and the writing/artwork over the weekends between this one and when the final is due.


When I sat down to create my mock-up, I really wasn’t feeling very excited about the project.  The story I chose was sentimental and sad to begin with, and I think that was part of it.  Additionally, even though I like traditional book forms, it was starting to feel like this would turn out to be run-of-the-mill (in my eyes, at least).

As for technical issues, well…

First of all, the paper I chose for the cover was all wrong.  I think it’s beautiful paper, but it is very delicate, so it tears easily and when it was glued it fell apart in a few areas.  Then my measuring was completely off; I decided on an 8 x 15 book, but didn’t think about the fact that I would need some BIG paper to make the signatures needed.  Suffice it to say, my signature in the mock-up came up short and I could only glue it to the back cover.  And then it dawned on me that I am not a very talented artist.  My sketches of the pop-ups were really awful and I got so discouraged that I ended up throwing everything out and printing out images I found online.

So after all that nonsense, I was even less enthusiastic about this damn book.  And the prospect of doing three final versions really had me groaning.  Then it dawned on me: why not actually have fun with this project?

I am basically scrapping everything from my original concept.  Now I’m going to use the title story from a collection I titled Nasty.  And I’m going the non-traditional route.  

My new plan is to construct a wee bathroom stall, complete with mini toilet. I want to write the story on the “walls” of the stall, like little graffiti messages written with Sharpie that all stand alone, but can also form a complete story.  So my supply list is changing:

I think I can use my book board for the stall walls.  The materials for the toilet are more challenging – I think I’ll know them when I see them.  If all else fails, it might work to just sculpt one from clay or cut and build something from chip board.  I also want to find some little tiles for the floor, and then use paint instead of an actual Sharpie to get the writing down to scale.  My intention is not to make this gross, but I might throw in some toilet paper on the floor or other such nonsense.

So essentially, the big lesson/discovery I took away from working on my mock-up is that if it isn’t fun/exciting/interesting to you, maybe rethink it.  Now I’m really excited about my concept (though less excited about the cost) and I’m looking forward to making the books instead of dreading the project.


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