Progress Update: Bill of Fare

I’ll break down my progress report for my final project into three sections: Successes, Discoveries, and Next Steps.


  • The overall structure, size, and design of the menu looks pretty good. I chose some fonts that match the tone of the writing. The red accents also look nice.
  • The faux-leather artist paper I found looks great on the cover.
  • Black end-papers look better than the brown.
  • The translucent paper for the half-title looked so good when I printed it, but over time the ink smeared…


  • I need to find a substitute for this paper. Maybe a type of tracing paper would work better for printing. I went with what the guy recommended at store. Thankfully, one sheet was cheap.
  • I need to make the binder board slightly taller. I accidentally made it the same height as my text block.
  • I also need to press the covers overnight. The glue made the board warp slightly.

Next Steps:

  • Find a printable tracing paper.
  • Figure out the fasteners. I bought some, but I think they are too wide. Also, could I borrow that fancy hole-puncher? Or where can I find one?
  • If I order screw posts online from Hollanders, will they arrive in time for the next mockup? Can these be found in stores?
  • I will cut out an insert for the cover.
  • I need to purchase more glue and binder board.
  • I need to finish writing the content.

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