Onion Skin

So thingprofessing resting well with my book! I love how it looks, how it works, and I love my text and design. I’m not so fond of my actual work, but what else is new?


I’ve learned that I need to cut my book boards to the same size, and adhere them to my book cloth FIRST, then decorate with my onion “skin” and THEN add my decorative brown paper to the inside. I was so ready to make it look polished that I forgot to decorate the outside, and it ended up looking awful anyway. I have to work in steps.


I’ve also learned that ta-da, I’m not a complete failure at managing my time! Well, I am posting this later than I could have, but still!


And last but not least, I’ve learned that I really like small books, and I believe in my aesthetic. Yay!


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