i was going to do a meme for this…then i remembered evan (this one’s for you!)

Apparently when i say “i’m leaning heavily towards this idea”, what i actually mean is “i’m actually going to do this OTHER idea.”

I scrapped the haiku book. Like right before i read Meredith’s comments on my ideas, and for pretty much the thing she brought up: i have been doing stab-bounds every which way. And, doing another one for my final would really be me missing out on an opportunity to try something new/different with my bookmaking abilities. I don’t want to bind myself into a corner, as it were.

So, that being said, cloud theme vertical aligned accordion fold it is!
And now some changes from my original proposal:

1) I opted for the one main poem instead of a couple of poems, mainly because i would have to write those other couple of poems, and i am kind of pressed writing-wise right now. Plus, with just one poem, i could really make the content and visuals coalesce. It’s ended up feeling like a more involved broadside, which i find really cool. I think that’s more in-line with my developing style, anyway: smaller, quieter, simpler.
Which leads me to…
2) I also decided to opt out of the cloud altitude chart for visuals. It would have been too much to fit on the size…segmented page?….i decided on. Plus, it would have nothing to do with the poem itself. So, i googled “cloudscape” and found a really amazing (vertically aligned!) image on the wikicommons page. The image is humongous, too, so i have a great deal of really high res canvas to crop from.
I think….maybe…that for each of the editions, i’ll take a slightly different chunk of the clouds…maybe rearranging the text, maybe not. I dunno. It’s a fledgling thought, so i’ll see what comes of it.
3) I also tried my hand at sewing the text onto the page again, which seems to be working out well. I think i need to make the strips of vellum a little bit taller to deal with some of the flex that’s popping up, but i really like the way it looks.
Oh, i’m using vellum for the text chunks. I wanted to have horizontal strips that the text itself would be on as something separate from the page. I had some blue/purple paper i thought of using, but i didn’t like the opacity of the strips. So, i brainstormed about what else i could use aaaaaand it hit me: vellum. Which is working out fantastically. It’s opaque enough that everything is readable, but it has enough translucence that it gives the words a cloud-esque quality. It reminds me of the cover to The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw by Pelican.
The vellum is thus far the only thing i’ve had to spend money on.

Upon sewing it all together, i realized the text needs to move up, collectively) a panel or two, so i made that adjustment in the indesign file. I also realize that i misspelled “rorschach” on the…half-title?…page, so i made that adjustment, too.

The next step for me is figuring out how to house the page. I really would like to try the bindingless style of one of the lit journal i picked up at AWP, but i don’t know if that really lends itself to the book, conceptually. I was also thinking of creating a cover that looks like a patient file, as a nod to the psycho-analysis element of rorschach, but i don’t know if that’s non-traditional enough. I might do a japanese folding box or something because psychiatrists keep their rorschach test cards in nice boxes, right? Like tarot cards, right?


OH, i also found out 1) my printer can print pretty damn well on rather thick watercolor paper and 2) it can handle weird custom size paper….within reason….

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