FINALLY got the idea.

SO I’ve taken a slightly different direction, but this idea came to me literally just now, so my mock up is only half of what next week will be.  My mock up is a standard coptic bound 4×5 book with 3 signatures of 2 pages, spine exposed, end pages, artist paper covered cover and back cover.  Instead of an essay (I tried but I wasn’t feeling it), I wrote a six-sectioned poem with the title “Not Today” (a significant theme to my life).  Text is just pasted inside, next week it won’t be.   Now, to expand the form, the cover is actually going to have another piece of binder board that opens to a turkish fold (because I love it so much) which will house the title.  I want to also find some pine needles (Druid Park should have some) to add a natural element and is relevant to the content.  I’m still developing the fine details, but I’m pretty happy with my expanded idea.  That was my major issue, that I abandoned the plain idea and switched gears, but then I still wasn’t expanding the form or doing something outside the box, not that my new idea is “outside the box” but it is for me considering my more traditional book philosophy.  I also made the book smaller because once I held different sized books on my shelf, I realized I don’t like big books, and I found one that was 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 but still thought it  a little big, so I settled for 4×5 which feels really comfortable to me and looks good and fits my poems perfectly without a bunch of white space.  I also need to watch my sewing, my mock up is pretty loose and I messed up an end page in measurement, the devil’s definitely in the details.  Good thing is that with my expanded idea, I still have all the materials I need, except for the pine needles I still want, which just takes a walk in the park 🙂 


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