Final progress report

For this first Mock Up, I made a 2″ by 2″ Dos a Dos book in a jar, as planned. Since I have just one poem in each “dos” of the book, I decided to do this mock up with a Turkish fold.

Friday, I created my InDesign layout. Since the text was limited to one 2″ by 4″ space, it was pretty straightforward. However, the line breaks still need some work. I’m not entirely happy with those, or with how the text is placed on the page once glued down.

Saturday afternoon, I made the Dos a Dos covers. Following Meredith’s handouts, it was pretty easy to figure out my dimensions, cut the board and assemble. I covered the case in black artist paper, and let it dry under some books for 48 hours.

Sunday I started drawing my moon. I created several versions, none of which I am entirely happy with. I photocopied and cut out my most successful 2″ moons to paste on the covers.

Monday I printed my pages, made my folds, and cased in my text!

Things to work on/consider when making next draft:
– I have no title!
– I do not have all of the require text elements yet (title pages, colophon, etc.)
– Line breaks need work.
– I think book cloth would have a much nicer look than the black artist paper. I am also going to shop for some different paper for the text block.
– Do I want to use a larger jar/make a larger book?
– My moon illustration needs work. Since I enjoyed making stamps for my last project, I would like to try making one and see how it looks printed with a white ink on black paper/cloth.

After finishing my mock up, I did some work trying to figure out a round book form. I think I have figured out how to lay out the pages – either using InDesign or Word – so the only question is how to cut it uniformly (lots of patience?) and bind it. I ended up making an accordion book this week, but that does not meet the requirements of the final project. Once we do our sewing on Thursday, maybe I will think of another way to bind the pages together. I’m still not sure that I could pull off a round Dos a Dos book, but I will try that as second draft this weekend.


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