Final progress report

I finally decided which of the two ideas I was going to do for the final. I will do the dos a dos titled Dark Clouds and Silver Linings. I will have two poems for each section of the book.

Depressing poems for Dark Clouds and more optimistic poems for Silver Linings.

I already have the book board ($8.55) I will use the dimensions in the pamphlet.

The book will be covered with book cloth. ($9)  The one side will be black and the other will be silver. (Book cloth will be spray painted – Spray paint $8)

I will emboss the title “DARK CLOUDS” on the black side with Silver metal Powder: ($8) and I will put “Silver LInings”on the silver side with Black.

I will use artists paper for my end papers.  That I will make by printing a watermark on a sheet of heavy zerox paper. The watermark will be of a photo of clouds that I took.

I am struggling with figuring out how to print the pages with my limited printer and my even more limited experience with any publishing programs. I am falling back on word and failing.

I will keep at it.

I considered making the cover of the book in the shape of a cloud but that isn’t working either. Sewing the signatures makes for a straight line and rolling clouds make for a difficult line up when the dos a dos is done. I am still playing with it. We’ll see.


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