Evan- mock up adjustments

For my mockup, I ran into a few bumps in the road. I was unsure as to how I would attach my rocks to the covers. I originally planned on using a dremmel to drill a hole through the center of the rock. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any bits that would make more than a dent. So I then decided to wrap the rock with thin black wireand attacthis to the cover that way. That worked out well. 

The next major problem was my paper that I am using for the cover. It isn’t large enough to wrap around the book board enough to glue down on the inside. The size I bought was the largest sheet available. The paper is alsoimpossible to cut through with an exacto with any precision. It tends to tear. I wanted to cut out letters that sit close together. My solution is to get new paper. I may even reduce the cover size. Depending how easily the new paper cuts, I may have to just print the cover instead of my original idea. Everything else has gone well, and my time management was much better on this project compared to the mid-term. 



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