I choose to use a story called My Pitcher’s Mound. The story is about a man looking down on his father in his coffin while reminiscing about a childhood memory of his father teaching him how to pitch. The story is about ten pages long and my plan was to use the full cloth with spine board binding.
Because the story is about a funeral and a father and son’s connection through baseball I want to incorporate both elements into the book. I’m going to cover both covers using a red velvet-type material similar to the material used in coffins. Then my plan is to bind the spine using the cover of a baseball. I’m not exactly sure this is going to work but my plan is to buy three cheat baseballs and remove the covers. I don’t think true leather baseballs will work but if I use rubber tee ball baseballs I think their covers may be more pliable.
Once I have removed the cover I’m going to run the open baseball cover down the spine and sew them into the binder board. Again I’m not sure if this will work but I believe I can find a way to attach it without holding the cover open. If I try and discover that this idea isn’t plausible I will just create a image along the spine that looks like a baseball using a different material.


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