Joe’s project

            For my project, I am going to produce a triptych broadside featuring my prose poem in three parts, Carl Th. Dreyer Chooses Renee Falconetti for the Role of Joan of Arc. I will set my poem in front of images of Renee Falconetti as Joan of Arc in Carl Th. Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc using indesign/photoshop. My goal for this project is to make a piece of poetry that is heightened by images and format and that I can hang on my wall.

            I plan to do this project for as cheap as possible. I can use indesign/photoshop here at school. I have large paper that I can use to print and a friend has the equipment on which I can print my work for free. After the broadsides are made, I will mount them to large pieces of bookboard that I will spraypaint either black or silver. The bookboard will cost about $20.00

            My schedule is to finish my poem by the end of the week. Between April 14 and 21, create different versions and settle on a final piece. That gives me time to experiment with setting it on the board and to try different things with that.


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