Bike Life is a coming of age story about the first dirt bike I purchase with my own money, my mothers new love for cocaine and the first time I watched my father beat someone senseless. I wrote it for a memoir contest and presented it at a independent study last summer. A lot of my work is based on discovery and I would love for my final project to reflect that.

I have multiple pictures of my friends and I riding dirt bikes that I could place into InDesign, ultimately creating a colorful narrative that readers will enjoy.

I plan on constructing 3 9 X 11 post bound books that will be about 20 pages apiece. To complete this task I will need.

  • 60 pages of high quality photo paper, maybe?
  • 6 screw post
  • 6 9 X 11 pieces of book board
  • 6 9 X 1 pieces of book board
  • 6 9 X 11 pieces of art paper
  • 3 unique photos for the covers
  • X-acto knife
  • Box Cutter
  • PVA Glue
  • Ruler

I’ve yet to decide what type of book cloth I will use for the cover but I do want to use something that will give the reader a feel for the city¾something with texture and the ability to make my project as interactive as possible.

I plan on spending approximately 10 -15 hours on the project with a budget of $65. The end result will be durable, colorful and extremely creative.


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