Cocos Nuciferas

Concept:  My book will be based on coconuts.  I am breaking a short story, “Buiki Gasa and Ignoble Coconut Pearls” into pieces of micro fiction so that it differ from its original form.  And I want to make a coconut tree.  The trunk and palm fronds will be paper mache.  The coconuts might be paper mache as well, but they need to open and close to easily reveal the text.  I will hand write the name of the work along the fronds and/or tree trunk.

 Materials:  cylinder cardboard (paper towel rolls?)  for the tree trunk; chicken wire or wire to affix the fronds  to the trunk; newspaper for the base of the paper mache and decorative paper for the outside coating of paper mache; glue and water for the paper mache paste.  Paper on which to write the text of the micro fiction.

Costs (for 4 copies):

Cardboard = $0-$10

Wire = $10

Decorative Paper = $30-$50

Glue = $5

Paper = $5

Total:  $80



April 13:  Purchase materials and make the mock up

April 16:  One page progress report plus the mock up

April 20:  Make the second mock up

April 25:  Meet with instructor; one page progress report; second mock up revealing

progress since first mock up

May 2:      Present books in class; present self-evaluation form in class; preparing

pricing and small display

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