Blueprint of a Blueprint

My proposed final project is based on a blueprint of a house where each room contains a part of the story that happens in that room. Basically the story wouldn’t matter what order you read it in, it would a culmination of the whole, and hopefully actually benefit from reading it in different orders. The “blueprint” would be a raised floor, only raised about a quarter of an inch, maybe half of an inch off of the surface it sits on, and then each room’s floor would be the cover of each of the books that coincides with that room. The size of each book would vary depending on the size of each room, and will require me to make five short (in story length) books for each of the rooms. I’m realizing that the more I’m trying to explain this, the less it’s making sense, but I swear it makes sense up here. I just pointed to my head. Also, each book will be like its own single signature hardcover book. I’m thinking quarter bound, but I might switch it up.


April 10: Finish story parts

April 11-12: collecting necessary materials and create layout

April 13-16: complete first mock up

April 17-19 Make adjustments and get materials for other books

April 18-30 Begin assembling other books and finishing the second mock up

May 1-7 Finish everything (I hope.)


Book board: Free (Book Thing or by any means necessary)

Book block paper: Free (l have it already)

Book Cloth: Free (l have it already)

Artist Paper: $20 (But this is really determined by how I do the covers. I’m not completely sure yet)

Plywood: $30 (I’m looking where I can get Balsa wood to make this price go down, but that’s a work in progress)


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