Final Book Plan

I’ve chosen, for my final project, to make a bradel bound book for my short story “Douglas Linn.” I like the size that we made in class, so I’m planning for a cover size of 5 ½” x 7 ¼”. The story is set during winter in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and in a county jail, so I’m mainly going to use different shades of gray (I hate using this phrase anymore, thanks E.L. James). But I’d also like one bright, saturated color to use as a highlight, maybe green, maybe purple. It depends what color I can find the book cloth in.


I want the front cover to have a pull-tab (kind of like a kid’s book) that interacts with the title. I haven’t quite figured out how to do this yet, so it could be dropped from the final product, but my plan is that it’ll be about 2”x3”. On the story’s pages I want to include a small flipbook in the corner. A simple one of a stickman walking up a slope, since the main action in the story is the protagonist walking up the mountain to the county jail every weekend. I’m not very good at InDesign yet, but I’d like to print this one as a booklet. My trials with InDesign have the potential to take up most of my time and effort during my production schedule.


Proposed Materials

Book board: $20

Chip Board: $10

Artist Paper: $5

End Paper: $3

Glue: $6

Paper for text block: $0, already have


Proposed Outline

April 10: Purchase materials that I don’t already have

April 11: Design interior

April 12: Figure out the cover’s pull-tab

April 13: Make first case

April 16: First mock-up completed

April 18-28: Revise the design and make as many copies as necessary until I like what I see

April 30: Second mock-up completed

May 2-5: Final design revision, possibly buy more supplies, make three final copies


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