Alternate Realities Dos a Dos

This time the book form dictated which writing I would choose. I really wanted to work with the dos a dos book from. I think a two-sided book is awesome and has so much potential. And it will give me a chance to write an alternate reality story I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks now. Basically, my short story follows the day of teenager Bridgette Brooks. It’s a rotten day. She has just broken up with her controlling, abusive boyfriend. She spends the day ducking him and avoiding confrontation. That night as she crawls into bed, she starts thinking about her parents who died when she was 5. She thinks her life would be infinitely better if her parents were still alive. The reverse side of the dos a dos is her dream. Bridgette imagines how her life would be different if she still had her parents.

I don’t have any great plan on how to revise or adapt the dos a dos book form. Hopefully, something with come to me as I work on the mock-up as it did with the midterm. Not a great leap in imagination, but I would like to use an inset picture on both covers. There will be two pictures, one for each cover, both that I will draw. The pictures will be family portrait of the Brookses (Bridgette’s family). One picture will have her parents and one will be without them.

Potential problem: My original concept of this story is not two separate parts, but one continuous whole with a clear starting point. How should I indicate which side is the right side to start with? My readers will need to be guided to get the full meaning of the book. There will need to be visual clues, indicators for how to interact with this book. Although, the more I think about it, I may just make it so the story is one continuous loop where you can start at either end and it will make sense. The problem with creative writing is the lack of control. The writing just becomes what it wants to. So, it will be interesting to see what happens.

Proposed Materials and Costs:
I have some materials, but I’ll need to purchase more to make 5 books (2 mock-ups and 3 for the final). These are the prices at Plaza, where I plan to buy my materials:
-Book board ~ $20 (for a pack)
-Book cloth ~ $7.50
-a pad of Sketch paper ~ $11-$13
-End papers — $0.72 each
-Chipboard ~ $5.00 (for a pack)
-InDesign (I’m not handwriting this!) ~ I’m going to look into the $20/month adobe deal. Although I have a birthday coming up and maybe I can convince my Mom to just buy InDesign for me.

– Wednesday 10–Friday 12 = Finish stories
Friday 12 = Get materials and prep
I’ve already started prepping for the mock-up with the covers and chipboard
– Saturday 13–Sunday 14 = Make mock up
– Wednesday 17–Sunday 28 = Revise/2nd mock up
– Wednesday 1–Sunday 5 = Minor adjustments = final


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