Final Project

            So I’ve decided to take another route with my book…at first I just wanted to use the original models for my book-making but thank you Meredith!  I had a great talk with you and have rearranged my ideas.  I am really excited about this because one of my favorite things about this class, is the conceptualizing part of it.  I love to think of how I can come up with the creative and as you said Meredith, “sculptural” aspects.  I felt so supported last night when discussing this, and it really satisfies that creative part of me that would like to interpret some object from my story, “Mindbender”.  It’s one of the stories that got rejected whenever I submitted, however, but it’s my favorite one and an experience that I really had fun with.

            So  I was thinking about my main character and about how she travels all over the place, in the footsteps of her father. 1st idea:  I therefore thought about maybe doing a wagon of some sort with wheels and doing a scroll book over the wheels.  I thought that perhaps I could use cardboard for this project: I thought it would be cool to create wheels out of a cut up toilet paper roll  (in fours) and to use binder board to perhaps make the part of the wagon that transported it. Perhaps I could wrap red artist paper around it to make it look more like a wagon. I also thought that I could make a book out of this binder board, with my story inside.  Inside of these pages, I could place marker ribbon with a black handle on the end, to look like the handle that pulls the wagon.  I could then insert my story on the scroll paper and or in the book that is made to look like the body of the wagon.  The one thing I do have to remember if I go with this idea, is weight and visibility.  The first of the two must be met by determing if toilet paper rolls will be storng/heavy enough to support the binder board, top part of the wagon.  I don’t think it will be, so I need to determine something that could look like wheels (that I could make, something organic) around which I can wrap black paper for my scroll book, and to look like wheels.  Maybe for this part I could use something made of wheel.

I also thought of a second idea.  I had toyed with the vertical blinds for one of our projects, by making it into a window on one side.  I thought it would be so cool to play around with a reflection or fake glass so as to create a window out of bus section from which the main character travels.  However, I do not want to repeat an idea that I have already done in class.  I am therefore thinking of doing the first one.  What do you think?



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