Final Book!

So I have officially decided to do a full cloth book with multiple cut outs on the front (around 4-6 that I will use for my title), which will house a personal essay about my grandmother, her children, and her grandchildren (all VERY different women who will each have their own graphic related to their personality).  I’m nervous that it’s not poetry, but I feel like diverting from my comfort zone for a change.  Because I want multiple cut outs, I’m thinking of increasing the dimentions used in class by 2 inches for a final of 7 1/2” x 9 1/4”. My whole idea is to use black book cloth and black thread for the spine that I will be leaving exposed, and to use some type of off-white paper for the text and cut outs, and some artist paper for the endpages.  (I might end up doing a long stitch spine instead, but will wait to decide that until we do it in class next week). 

I need to get these materials (with my horrible cost estimations): -glue ($5), -binder and chip board ($20), -black book cloth ($10), -artist paper ($8), -brushes ($5).  I should already have everything else I need. 

As for schedule, I need to go shopping this weekend and write my essay.  Then on Monday I should do the covers, my text block on Tuesday, and put them together on Weds for the mock-up. 

I’m pretty excited 🙂



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