Proposal, Final

The books for my final project will contain a few poems by me. I decided to go the poetry route because it seems like a gamble to write a whole story when, regardless of the resulting work, I will be required to make three labor-intensive copies of it, present it, and try to sell it. In the time allotted, I’m much more comfortable with the prospect of coming up with three short form poems of fairly decent quality.

The poems will each be about different types of personas that I’ve encountered in myself, others, or both, as well as the idea of adopting different personas to fit a situation or reach a goal. This idea will likely be encapsulated by some general theme, like masks, roles, pretending, etc.

The books for my final project will likely be quarter cloths. I say “likely” because at this point we haven’t completed hardcover books, so it’s tough to judge their individual merits just yet. There are likely other things I don’t know yet either, for instance, are these books supposed to have (blank) signatures, or only as many pages as needed to fit the content?

I like the quarter cloth books because they look classy and appealing, but are still very simple and traditional. My intent is for the final product to reflect the shifting of personas displayed in the poems. To help with this, I might utilize the book cloth as a barrier between two opposing cover ideas. Something akin to the well known comedy / tragedy masks might work. I’m not sure of the exact dimensions yet, but it won’t be too far off from the quarter cloth books we’ve seen in class.

To make 3 of these books, I will need a host of things I already own, such as: an awl, a bone folder, some scissors, a sewing needle, a cutting mat, an exact-o knife, assorted thread, and glue.

I will also need a few things that I don’t yet own, such as: more binder board for the case (somewheres-about $8), the spot-on perfect paper for the text block (in-the-neighborhood-of $10), some artist paper (oh-id-say-about $5), a bit more book cloth (maybe-something-like $7), and some kind of fancy business for the covers (ballpark-figure $10).

The production schedule for my books is as follows:

I’ll gather materials this weekend, start writing the poems, and get started on my mockup. I’ll finish the mockup next Wednesday and write my one page progress report next Thursday. Next weekend, I’ll start making my revised mockup and that coming Wednesday (4/24) Ill write another progress report and finish my revised mockup. The weekend of the 27th, I’ll start making my final 3 copies. Hopefully I get most of them done then, and whatever’s left I’ll finish on Tuesday (4/30) and Wednesday (5/1). I’ll start my two page self-evaluation that Wednesday night and finish it up Thursday (5/2).


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