Final Proposal

Hi all! I’m so excited that we are getting to work on FINALS, planning, yay! That means the semester is almost over, and then time for the beach!


Ok, that fantasy moment is over, now for the final…

I want to do a case-bound, hardcover book that is 4 inches by 3.5 inches, and has a back cover that continually loops around and around. I want to bind it with a brownish-purple linen cloth I have and layer brown paper, tissue paper, and white tracing paper to mimic onion skin. The text inside will be two poems I will write about onions, or skin, or earthiness… depending on where my mind goes when I write them, and I’m taking a page out of Drew’s book by creating an onion diagram and labeling it.

I want it to look slightly dirty, slightly worn, and earthy. I want the cover board to be like peeling an onion, and I want the typography to be organic, with really round Os.

To accomplish this by the deadline of May 2, I will create the content on Saturday of this weekend, and begin working on a mock-up. I want to play with the tissue paper and glue, because I know the glue will seep through the tissue, so I want to create the most organic and least gluey effect. I will have my mock-up finished by the 11th, then try to complete as many as possible on Sunday, April 14 and Sunday April 21. The good news is that as busy as I was for March, I am equally busy for April, BUT I don’t have to leave town for a week!

To price my piece, it gets a little tricky. I already own the materials I will use to create the book, so I have to price based solely on the value of the finished product. I think the books, as an art piece, could sell between $12 and $15. I will probably price it at $12, because it contains only 3 original works (two poems and a diagram) and is really just a coffee-table art piece.


Yay onion books!


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