Final Book Proposal

I have selected one of my new poems, Night Thieves, as the jumping off point for my final project. In the poem the speaker describes a dream where he and a companion try to steal the moon with a jar, and anger the stars in the process. I chose this poem in large part because I wanted to work with the night sky imagery. Since selecting this poem for the project, I have written a companion poem for it, the working title is Captive, which is written from the perspective of the Moon. Not sure what the title of the book will be yet.

For my first mock up, I am going to try making a “dos a dos” book in a jar. I would like it to be a round book, if I can figure out how to do the lay out. I am not aware of any templates in InDesign for a round book – does anyone else? Also, I am not sure how I would create a spine for a round book. Would love to discusst this in class!

Since the jar I am using for my first mock up is on the smaller side (8 oz) , my book will be pretty small. The mouth of the jar is 2.5” and it tapers (almost down to 2”) at the bottom – so I’ll be making a 2” book! With this size, I anticipate layout being a challenge, but I’m going to try to make it work! If not, I’ll just have to go out and find a bigger jar.

Supplies needed:
8 ounce Jam Jar with lid = $1 each (bought in packs of 12 for $10.99)
12″ by 12″ piece of Book Board (will find out cost)
Paper for text block ($15 for one box of paper)
Black decorative paper for covers ($3 per sheet)
For the graphics I would to use print-outs of star maps and/or image of the moon, or I will create my own moon inspired illustrations and scan them. (what value should I put on my time? $/hour?)

Estimated time needed to produce edition of 3 books:
Design and Lay out: 2-4 hours (Maybe more if book are round?)
Graphics (if I end up making them myself): at leat 4 hours
Printing and cutting pages: 2-4 hours (Maybe more if books are round?)
Making covers: 2 hours
Sewing text blocks into cover: 2-3 hours


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