Final book plan

The piece of writing I’m using for my final project will be an essay exploring our attachment to books, as well as how and why books evolved as they did. It took me a while to decide what to write about because it had to be germane to this specific class. I opted for this eventually because it suggested to me the possibility of integrating the subject matter and the book form. As I begin to work on the layout and design, I want to search for opportunities in the text to illustrate through the book itself the ideas and arguments of the essay. The success of this admittedly ambitious concept will hinge on the extent to which I am able to use the book as a medium to express my thoughts and ideas.

First and foremost, I want to try to make the most beautiful book I know how. I will draw on the elements that I love about particular books – both from books we have made this semester and from books I have collected over the years. My plan is to make a quarter-cloth cover using artist’s paper that is sturdy enough to support an inset cover embellishment. I will use beautifully textured, Italian paper with deckle edges for the text block. I will incorporate a frontispiece and as many design elements (foldout pages, different typefaces, illustration, quasi-illumination, mini-books, etc.) as the text will support.

This is my guestimate for the schedule: (five and a half days for the mock-up, so I’d better get to it!)

Layout, design, pagination, etc.                 one day

Illustrative elements                                    one day

Selecting and purchasing materials         half a day

Measuring, printing, cutting materials     one day

Sewing, gluing and assembly                    one day

Drying and pressing time                           one day

Each subsequent book                                one day

I am truly appalling at estimating cost, so I am unashamedly going to steal from Gabe (thanks, Gabe!) since we are both planning to make quarter cloth books, all things being equal: “binder board for the case (somewheres-about $8), the spot-on perfect paper for the text block (in-the-neighborhood-of $10), some artist paper (oh-id-say-about $5), a bit more book cloth (maybe-something-like $7), and some kind of fancy business for the covers (ballpark-figure $10). © Gabe Luzier, Baltimore, USA 2013


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