bookarts, bookarts everywhere….

Alrighty, so i have two possible ideas for this project.

One is a kind of mobile thing, or sturdier venetian blind deal…or vertically arranged accordion book…. that is about clouds. I have a poem in mind as a kind of send off/establishing shot and then at the various levels of altitude where the different types of clouds normally hang out, there’d be a small poem or line or stanza about them, or something pertaining to them.
It shouldn’t be too difficult to construct, or too expensive: i should have all the materials i need. The only thing i might possibly need more of would be paper, which shouldn’t run me more than $30 at the most.
I guess this is one of the good things about buying art supplies in bulk whenever i buy them.

The other idea i have, which is the one i’m leaning more heavily towards, is a hardcover stab-bound collection of haiku. A few recent trips to Robert E. Lee generated around 14 haiku each, and i plan on using one of those sets for the content. And, i know the guidelines say 1-3 poems, but 1) haiku are short so i figure i can get away with more/probably shouldn’t just have three of them and 2) i honestly feel like the haiku i wrote on those trips are part of the same poem, since they are single moments extracted from one larger experience.
As is probably fairly apparent based on my last project, i really love stab-binding. I love the exposure and intricacy of it, and would plan on doing something more complicated than a regular stab-bind (but not too much more complicated) for this book.
I had planned on having the haiku sit on every recto page, some with some sort of visual, but i just had the idea of having them on a vertically-aligned accordion fold 1) because how cool would that be, 2) i could then submit this to the Kalamazoo book thing, and 3) it would be a nod to how haiku as traditionally rendered in Japanese. SO, not only would i be using a japanese binding style, i’d be using a japanese visually arrangement as well. KEEN!
As with the other idea’s materials, i should already have everything i need. Hmm, although, i have a hankering to try my hand at some “calligraphy”, so i may actually hand-ink my haiku onto the pages/one really long page. But, that would mean i might have to buy a calligraphy brush…if i don’t already have something i could scavenge.

I suck at pricing things, so i’ll get back to you on that.

And as for the production schedule, i’ll decided by this weekend which idea i will produce (with gusto) and after that, my schedule will pretty much follow what’s laid out on the assignment page: the mock-ups and progress reports will be finished the week they’re due, if not sooner since either of these ideas could work for the Kalamazoo book thing, and i would need to have a fairly finalized version sent off a day or so before the 18th.
And, gut reaction: i think i’m going to do the haiku collection….mainly because those poems are already written, and i have like 12 or so more poems i have to write, and 15 other books to make be the end of the month…..


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