Book Plan

Lit Pub Proposal
The Plan:
I am making a new, non-traditional book form for this project. I will be creating a tree with the leaves/snowflakes as the place for the text. I want them to be interchangeable because I want the owner to be able to interact with the book, despite it being in a different form. I am going to use my poems this time around for the project. I have several poems about nature and the seasons, so this works perfectly for my idea of having a set of my interchangeable leaves reflecting Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer. So my three poems will reflect the seasons. I also like the idea that because of the unpredictable nature of placing the leaves on the tree, my poems can be “reconstructed” by the owner and form literature that is new and surprising.
The Idea:
I got this idea from one of the first assignments we had to do where we googled “book arts” to see some examples of this kind of art. I found a pumpkin book that I really liked because not only was it a book, but it was a beautiful decoration piece. While I would like to try and replicate that pumpkin, I don’t think it’s within my skill set, so I had to think of something else, and that’s when I came to the idea of the tree. When I first began thinking about my book tree, I was a little anxious that it might not be appropriate for this project since it doesn’t involve the materials we’ve been using for our hardcover books, but then I realized (both through the video we watched last week and remembering Jenny’s presentation) that a book needn’t look like a traditional book, so I decided that I would go out on a limb (I had to say it) and go for it.
3-5 Wine bottles: These will be free to me since my parents go through about 3 bottles of wine a week.
4-5 packages of Crayola Model Magic in Earth tone shade: They are $4.00/packet, so at most $20.00
1-2 coils of Naturally Coiled wire resembling tree limbs: They are $4.50/coil, so at most $9.00
Green paper (for Spring/Summer leaves): I already own some, but if I have to get more, I would think it would be in the neighborhood of at most $5.00
Paper for Fall leaves (I know what I have in mind, it’s just a matter of finding it): I’m guessing anywhere between $5-$10 depending on how much I mess up.
Paper for Snowflakes: I will be using coffee filters that I already have, so that’s free for me at this time.
Wire cutter: I already own it.
Scissors: I already own them.
Wire hooks (like the kind you use to hang ornaments) OR paper clips: If I use wire hooks, I will need to buy a packet of those, so I think that would cost about $2. If I use paper clips, that won’t cost me anything since I already have a lot of them.
Glue: Maybe. I will probably be handwriting everything onto the leaves. If I need it, I already own it.
Mod Podge: If I use it, it would be for some of the leaves, but I already own it.
Leaf stencils: I’m not sure if I will use these, but if I find that I need to, I would guess that at most it would cost $5.00
Awl (for punching holes in leaves for hanging): I already own it.
Total approximate cost: $45.00
Price I will need to charge per book tree at this point in my estimation: $20.00 (So I both make a small profit and am somewhat compensated for my time, while keeping the price fairly affordable to a potential buyer.

Production Schedule:
4/5-4/8: Continue working on mock-up (adding more branches, purchasing the right paper for leaves, attaching a few leaves to limbs). Write one page progress report by 4/11.
4/12-4/15: Make adjustments to mock up and write one page update on progress. Our next class is 4/18, but it doesn’t say that anything is due by then, so I’m guessing I really have two weeks to do this portion of the project so that it’s ready by 4/25.
4/26-4/29: Finish trees (assembly line style). Try to spend about 3 hours a day on this process, so that the actual construction is done by the evening of 4/29.
4/30-5/1: Write two page self evaluation paper and make price sheets for display on May 2nd.


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