Bill of Fare: Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I’m going to continue with my food theme of the semester and produce a Bill of Fare. The “book” will be a tongue-in-cheek menu for the upper crust. I will be working with an original piece of experimental writing that I would like to look like a one-page menu, but is actually a small series of poems. I only have the concept of the piece right now; it’s not written. I’d like the look and feel of the book to impact the type of poems/food served inside.

The overall concept is to imitate the structure of fancy restaurant’s prix fixe menu but surprise the reader with unexpected descriptions of the food. The cover will be simple yet refined, and the text will include embellishments of color, most likely in red. The inside will be laid out in inDesign with script or colonial-style fonts. (We didn’t get to use these much in Typography, so now’s my chance.)

In terms of the book’s structure, I’d like to make it 7 x 11 (a little skinny) that’s stab-bound with a cover embellishment. The window cutout will be long and rectangular with the title text printed inside. The cover should work with a hefty dark artist paper, instead of the full cloth bound. It’s something I’d like to try and stretch the stab-bound form. It’s also something I would probably like to do if I ever created another hardbound book like this. I will try to bring the voice of the words (still need to decide whether it will sound Middle Ages or Colonial or something) into the materials I choose. Also I will need some type of fasteners, but this decision will be influenced by how we actually make stab-bound book in class.

Since the book is only going to consist of a few pages (half title, title page = restaurant name, menu page, copyright/colophon, and writer’s bio) I thought the stab-bound would work best, since there aren’t signatures. I’ll include some fancy translucent paper on either side of the actual page for padding. I might also print the bastard on this translucent paper.


Materials (3 Books)

-Paper (got it)

-Artist paper ($10 for fancy stuff)

-Book board (got some but need more – $10)

-Chip board (might use something different than purchasing it)

-Fasteners ($5)

-Fancy end papers ($10)



Production Schedule

(4/6) – Start writing Bill of Fare

(4/7) – Edit and design Bill of Fare

(4/10) – Purchase materials + produce mockup 1

(4/14) – Revise design

(4/17) – Produce mockup 2

(4/21) – Revise design

(4/23-24) – Produce final copies


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