Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas makes a series of compelling arguments about craft vs. art. My question is who defines art? Obviously Thomas studied aestheticism’s, how to talk about art and clearly offered his opinion on the differences between the two; however, I’ll argue that book making is an art form in addition to crafting of any form in general (Primarily because it involves painting, drawing, creating etc…).

The books he and his wife created are beautiful and probably cannot be duplicated. Special skills and talent are needed and even if another artist learned those skills- the end result wouldn’t be the same. Art belongs to the universe and I think that people should stop trying to define art and spend more time creating-the world be a better place.

I also thought his presentation was great (minus the songs) and very informative. A large amount of people are ignorant to book arts which will change when we as book artist take creativity in book making to the next level- giving the general population no reason to deny this amazing industry. Great film.


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