I am going to add Peter Thomas to my growing list of wild book artists

I appreciate the history of orginsof just about anything. My fascination is equally piqued concerning the origin of words, a myth, the personal computer. Thomas’ narration of book art’s evolution from fine press printing and his long association with making books along with the enduring questions concerning the distinction between art and craft was informative and provided me with some new cruiteria touse in developing my own understanding.
Lessons to take a way.
One must consider its function in order to determine its value.
1. A consideration of function or aesthetics as the determination for the existence of the item, no matter if it is a book or a song. Is it encumbered by function or aesthetics?
2. The qualities that make book art according to Thomas should be equal to the Mona Lisa and consist of:
The finest materials
be handmade
be tactile
have great literary component and have
great writing great illustrations
along with visual and sculptural interest.

I, too want to be a book artist, get in my gypsy wagon and get on down the road towards the future.


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