ScriptLab Talk 7: Peter Thomas

I appreciated Peter Thomas’s talk about book arts because it reminded me of the initial conversation that had during the first class. What is a book?  Does it have to have pages?  Does it have to be big?  It was interesting.  I found that he needed a definition for what it was more and more, as he tried to sell his.  At first he started out at a Renaissance Festival and tried to sell them here.  Perhaps it was the customers or the buyers that from him, wanted to feel that they were buying a book.  This was the discussion therefore, that I wanted to bring up from this video.  I feel really that buyers dictate what a book is, the consumers.  So its hard because to sell a book, I’d have to do a good job of marketing it to be what the customers wanted, if I wanted to make any money.  And I do, I really do want to make money off of my art.  I’m fine with , totally fine with altering my ideas or my art so as to be productive and lucrative at it.  It would also make me feel less attached to an idea, less wound around it if I have to submit and or alter it to what readers want.

I thought the other part of the video was a little iffy- the singing part.  It was kind of cute how he got his message across this way.  It’s great when teachers can get inventive with how they get a point across, and he did this so that was really cool.

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