Peter Thomas Video

“I’m not sure arguing about what’s a book gets you very far.”

I am certain it doesn’t get you very far, yet here we are again, trying to go somewhere with it. Even with all his uncertainty, Peter Thomas can’t stop himself talking about it. He seems like a nice enough man and sincere as sherbert too; I just didn’t find much of what he said very compelling. The ukelele song was a valiant effort to spice up the presentation, but still, I don’t think I’ve ever cringed so much inside a minute thirty.

I think anyone could find multiple examples of both craft and art in nearly any book they pick up. Why does it matter which of its two parts we choose to call it by? I could make some fine points for calling it art, and some strong ones for calling it craft, if only I could find a motive for doing either.

I understand the need to claim and recognize value in what you occupy yourself with and in what you create. However, I think the time spent worrying about what others call what you’re doing could be put to better use.

Maybe I just don’t grasp what’s at stake.

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